Adan Claros

Adan Claros has lived in the United States for about 14 years.
Back in Bolivia, his country of origin, he successfully run a full service of Italian restaurant called “Montecatini” for 10 years, until local politics became really bad and he decided to move to the US. Passion for cooking and for being involved with different techniques in the food service industry has been his mayor love and strength throughout time. Within the years spent in the United States, Adan has worked in food chains like Pizza Hut, as waiter at the Mayfair House Hotel  in Coconut Grove (FL), as Chef at Partie in Fontainebleau Hilton in Miami Beach and at Hyatt Hotel in Fort Lauderdale (FL). When he moved to Georgia he became the Sous Chef in one of the Nordstrom restaurants.

Back in Florida in 2004 he decided to take his career another level. He attended Johnson & Wales University, College of Culinary Arts and Hospitality. In Johnson and Wales he mastered and learned many food techniques from different parts of the world, as well as the science behind every ingredient. Working with ethic, passion and dedication in everything he creates has been the driven engine in the pursuit of excellence.


Elena LeBoutillier

Elena moved to Florida 13 years ago from Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
At first she was not really into the food industry, working for many years in different companies such as Direct TV and Dish Network. Then she decided to make a deep change to her life, she wanted to study for something that she liked, that she could enjoy and that could be fun, but also that could assure her a job for her future. She just didn’t know what she was looking for yet. In 2004 she apply to Johnson & Wales University in North Miami where for 2 years Elena studied History of Food, Science behind the making of food, Textures, Matching Food with Drinks, Nutrition, Hospitality Management, Cost Control and many more aspects of running or working in the food industry.

There is Strength in Numbers

Adan and Elena met together in 2006 at Johnson & Wales University. They shared a few classes together, eventually they started working in the same Hyatt Hotel and they finally graduated at the same time. Elena explains that it’s been Adan’s big smile, his being friendly and always ready to help their classmates with questions or homework, since he had been working in the food industry for the longest time, that turned their friendship and passion for food into love for each other.



“Our Family has a hard time eating out. My children are way too picky, Adan and I always study what we eat and talk of all the ways that we could make our meal much better. So you see, there are not that many places that we can go out and eat a decent meal with fresh ingredients and at a reasonable price. We decided that it was time to have our own restaurant so we can eat fresh, clean and share it with the community. Bistro “C” is a family restaurant were you will find different food items from around the world, from Beef Schnitzel, Moroccan Salmon, Chicken Club Panini, to French Pepper Beef Medallions as well as breakfast items that include homemade Biscuits or Breakfast Croissants. Why the name of Bistro “C” ? My husband’s last name is Claros, so I wanted a name that represent us and our children. If you ask my husband, he would tell you that the letter “C” is for Canton/Cherokee, so we are still working on an agreement. 8 years later they open BistroC together, supported by the strength of their 3 beautiful children, one young girl and two little boys.The girl who is our beautiful princess, she is 6 years old; a boy who is 4 years old; and a boy who loves been the center of attention. We love our family dearly even though it can be very challenging at times, we would not change our life with anybody else… ”

Come to visit our restaurant and give us the opportunity to serve you, so that you can enjoy our food as much as we do. Bon-appetit!