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The restaurant in Canton, GA where you find great flavor to enjoy together with your friends and family, or to appreciate in the comfort of your own home.

Only Fresh. Everyday.

At Bistro C, we believe in providing our guests with the freshest and best ingredients. We understand that when it comes to eating, quality is one of the most important things. That’s why all of our dishes are made using only the finest ingredients possible.

We source all of our ingredients from First Choice suppliers, and our chefs take extra care when preparing each dish, making sure everything is cooked just right for your enjoyment. Whether you’re a regular guest or visiting us for the first time, rest assured that every bite will be an explosion of flavor and great taste.

Exploring the Tastes of International Cuisine

From French and Italian, to Moroccan cuisine, the inspiration for our recipes comes from all around the world. It’s a balanced combination between spices and exotic ingredients, to blend them with our favorite All-Time classics. From exploring bold flavors to celebrating traditional dishes, there are so many reasons to enjoy international cuisine!

As a small family owned business, we believe that everyone should be able to experience joy when visiting our location. That’s why we offer free smiles to all of our visitors!

Our staff is committed to providing a bright and friendly atmosphere for everyone who comes through our doors. We strive to make sure that each person feels welcomed and appreciated so they can leave with an infectious smile on their face!