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Adan Claros

Adan has lived in the United States for about 20 years.

Back in Bolivia, his country of origin, he successfully run a full service of Italian restaurant called “Montecatini” for 10 years, until local politics became really bad and he decided to move to the US. Passion for cooking and for being involved with different techniques in the food service industry has been his mayor love and strength throughout time. Within the years spent in the United States, Adan has worked in food chains like Pizza Hut, as waiter at the Mayfair House Hotel in Coconut Grove (FL), as Chef at Partie in Fontainebleau Hilton in Miami Beach and at Hyatt Hotel in Fort Lauderdale (FL). When he moved to Georgia he became the Sous Chef in one of the Nordstrom restaurants.

Back in Florida in 2004 he decided to take his career another level. He attended Johnson & Wales University, College of Culinary Arts and Hospitality. In Johnson and Wales he mastered and learned many food techniques from different parts of the world, as well as the science behind every ingredient. Working with ethic, passion and dedication in everything he creates has been the driven engine in the pursuit of excellence.